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Tax Collection

Tax collection is probably the largest area of taxpayer concern. Very few can escape the obligation to pay taxes but with my guidance and representation, you will have a lot of flexibility to determine how and when. It’s important to engage good representation early on, where the law provides numerous procedural safeguards against sudden action. However, if ignored, those safeguards disappear.

It is always a good idea to open each tax letter you receive immediately; don’t let fear get in the way of protecting your rights.

I am highly experienced with offers in compromise (a tool not for everyone, but enormously effective in the right situation), installment agreement, obtaining “CNC” or “currently non-collectible” status and in working with Collections to fashion the best possible remedy for your tax problem. I also help safeguard the rights of innocent spouses, to prevent them from having to shoulder tax burdens that the law now does not require they shoulder.

My practice applies not only to individuals, but to small and medium size businesses as well. For example, businesses go through rough times, like every taxpayer, and often fall behind in paying payroll taxes. This is a critical point at which you need competent, experienced representations to minimize the current fallout and prevent even greater problems down the road. For example, even though the obligation to pay payroll taxes is that of the employer, which may be a corporation, it can be “pushed through” to those individuals in charge of the company as a personal obligation. This can subject you directly to liens and other collection methods, which can gravely impact your creditworthiness.

In short, in tax collection, the time to act is now, both to protect your procedural rights and ward off even larger problems down the road.

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