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Tax Controversies

Tax Controversy Lawyer in Walnut Creek

Tax matters can easily get very complicated for various reasons. If you are struggling to make sense of your taxes or need assistance in paying off back taxes, I may be able to help. I can help clients in Washington with difficult and complicated tax issues. The firm has limited its practice to federal and state tax law.

Areas of tax controversies where attorney I can help you include:

  • Taxation issues
  • Garnished wages
  • Employment taxation
  • Payment agreements
  • Levies on bank accounts
  • Appeals
  • Property liens

I may get to the end of the audit with significant disagreed issues. The auditor does not have the final word. This is when you enter the world of tax controversies, in which you need to make full use of your ability to speak with the auditor’s management, to see audit reconsideration, to go to Appeals Division (which takes a fresh look at the matter in light of the “hazards of litigation”) and then to Tax Court.

As with tax collection, all the way along there are deadlines that must be adhered to to preserve your rights. For example, going to Tax Court is reasonably inexpensive and provides a prepayment judicial determination of the propriety of the auditor’s (and Appeals’) determinations. However, ignoring a statutory notice of deficiency can result in losing that right, and requiring payment of the full liability before filing a refund claim and action in U.S. District Court.

Never assume that any certified mail letter from the IRS or the Tax Court is a scam or may otherwise be ignored. If there is any question as to the validity of that letter, check with your representative immediately.

Bay Area lawyer helps manage back taxes
I can assist you by working with the IRS Appeals Office, the Tax Court and the Court of Federal Claims. Our understanding of tax law and policy is an asset when dealing with tax issues. If the IRS is garnishing your wages or has a lien on your property, you should consult with a competent lawyer to analyze your situation.

Representation for audits in Northern California
If you or your company are going through an audit, be sure to contact a tax lawyer who can represent you aggressively in court. Our firm focuses on tax issues, and I can advise and represent you against the IRS.

Contact a tax controversy lawyer today
Contact me today for assistance with complicated tax matters. You can call my office at 925-472-6800 or contact me online.

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