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Walnut Creek Property Tax Attorney Challenges Improper Assessments and Valuations

California law firm assists residential, commercial and investment property owners

Unjust valuations and assessments are a continuing burden on property owners. At Edward T. Perry, I am committed to providing an exhaustive investigation of legal and other factors to ensure you have the fairest possible review. From there, I advocate diligently to assert your rights before the relevant authorities. As a knowledgeable California lawyer, I will conduct your appeal with vigor and thorough professionalism.

Lawyer investigates and exposes assessors’ errors

Agencies and contractors who conduct tax assessments have work backloads that often do not allow for a detailed review of each property. I can identify and seek relief for problems including:

  • Factual errors such as property size
  • Incorrect classification of structural improvements
  • Failure to recognize relevant property conditions

I value your time and money, so after a complete review, I will provide candid advice as to whether a property tax appeal is in your best interests.

Attorney working to correct harmful valuation mistakes

Setting the actual property tax rate across an entire community depends on the relative value of each parcel. This is usually calculated by looking at the sales of comparable properties. However, as any landowner realizes, even when two properties seem identical to an outsider, their actual value might be far from equivalent. This can lead to an unjustly high rate. I will take the time to learn the intricate details that can lead to a sharp difference in actual value.

Contact a knowledgeable property tax attorney in Walnut Creek

For well-informed counsel on your personal or business property tax issue, you can trust Edward T. Perry. Call me at 925-478-4701 or contact me online to schedule a consultation. From my Walnut Creek office, I represent clients throughout California.

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